We’re not usually big fans of car meets. Too much standing around in pub car parks. Pub car parks are purgatory. You’re trapped between the warmth and refreshment of the bar on one side, and the fun of using your car on the other. You can’t enjoy a pint because you have to drive, and you can’t enjoy a drive because you’re stuck in a car park. We made the exception this time. It was a local Pistonheads meet at this fantastic pub near Melton, a quick natter before a drive across Leicestershire and Rutland in an assortment of (mostly) TVRs. We’re glad that we tagged along.

We left Frisby-on-the-Wreake and headed towards Melton, then towards Rutland on some fantastic A and B roads. The Mercedes driver got immediate lost. My Porsche 968 Sport sort of flows around corners at any speed you like. The TVRs, though, seemed broken. They slowed for every corner then wellied it out, yo-yo-ing along. I wasn’t sure if this was due to some handling deficiency at first but then as I drove along with my windows down, I realised. The sound! The eights and sixes in these TVRs sound glorious and drivers use any excuse to listen to them. I’m sure there are quicker ways to nail an apex than driving like this, but it wouldn’t be half as much fun.

Thanks to Dave, Dickie, Sal and all the others who made me most welcome (even in a German car), and to the Bell Inn in Frisby for hosting us.

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