We’re big fans of Porsche’s 928. A honking V8, RWD, seventies styling and pop-up headlamps are all sound reasons for buying one, and in this spectacular shade of brown, it is one seriously hot chocolate.

The code 443 paint is very rare, the schottenkaro interior rarer still. The tartan trim and aftermarket Mono wheel is a nice touch, too, and it is seriously brown in that cabin.  Like a thousand Lindt bunnies were left locked inside on a hot day.

How did this 4.5 litre, automatic, UK plated Porsche 928 end up in Spain? How come it has only covered less than a thousand miles in the last ten years, and about 80 miles since it’s last MOT (in the UK) despite now residing down the dusty end of the Continent? The mileage is low yet it has just had a second-hand engine. ¿Qué? Serious buyers can ask the seller, either via the advert on CarAndClassic where the seller asks for £10k (presumably post-respray), or EBay, where it’s a tempting £5k (sans new paint). There are lots of detailed engine and chassis pictures from the seller but I didn’t bother browsing them all as I busy bingeing on brown bodywork.

Those just blinded by the magnificent colour scheme and/or keyboard dreamers like me will probably just make an offer and worry about the legalities and logistics later. There’s an honest-enough description and it’s track record at the MOT station in blighty is pretty good, according to this handy website, considering it’s age. There’s not much rust and the tool kit is there. Cars like this should be bought with the heart, but there’s a great 928 buyer’s info here for those that buy with the head.

Can someone save this hot chocolate from the Spanish sun and bring it back to blighty for some TLC? We’d love to see it on the road. Adverts are here and here. Bon appetit!

Pics: Seller (good luck!)

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