Look at this. A rainbows of BL colours, all sat rotting in a yard. There’s a certain beauty in the decay but what is most striking is the choice of colours available to MGB buyers back in the day. Now we have an endless sea of resale silver and Dubai white. When did you last see purple on the colour chart in a new car brochure?

Anyway, here’s the competition, dead simple; Invent a name for each of the five colours here and you could win a cool retro t-shirt from our friends at HotFuel. Geeks might be able to correctly identify the actual names of these shades but what we want is creativity and/or humour. Less Farrow & Ball, more Cannon & Ball. Leave your five colour names as a comment here, or on our FaceBook or Twitter whatnots, and the one that makes us smile the most wins their choice of t-shirt. name the colour

Good luck! Thanks to HotFuel for their help with this. You can view their range of cool retro clothing on HotFuel’s webthing, here. Some nice ideas for Father’s day there too, if you’re reading this, kids.


7 Responses

  1. Bateman

    ‘Cowley Sunrise Amber’
    ‘Sprightly Octogenarian Whitely’
    Torn between – ‘Mavis Has Got a New Perm Blue’ and ‘Raynaud’s Phenomenon Convention Blue’
    ‘Worthers Original Slowly Decomposing In the Glovebox Red’
    ‘Lilac and Enjoy This, It Won’t Hurt Purple’

  2. SK

    Placard (yellow)
    Picket line (white)
    Oil Drum (Blue)
    Caught a scab (red)
    Carbon Monoxide (Purple)

  3. Rich

    (Essex) Tan
    Class A White
    Blue Veined Trumpet
    Essex Tan (Level 2)
    Purple Headed Warrior

  4. stooH

    I’m colour blind do immediately at a disadvantage. I’m going for
    Ferrous Yellow
    Ferrous White
    Ferrous Blue
    Ferrous Red
    Ferrous Purple


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