There’s a very long story about how I came to be lost in the Mojave desert, in a Mustang. With the sun beating down and water and fuel running low I paused from my headless chicken charge across the desert when I spotted, miles from anything, this strange and seemingly abandoned hybrid bus/truck/squat.

The bottom half is an International Loadstar truck of c.1964 vintage. The top half is a VW campervan. It was knackered. There were people in it.

I was hoping for a cup of tea. I got a drug-befuddled chap and his mangy girlfriend asking for a tow, a ride, and then (inevitably) money. Their freewheeling lifestyle had ground to a halt in the middle of the Mojave desert and the bus/truck/squat thing was about to be abandoned. Their surfboard looked a bit superfluous. I gave ’em a few Dollars. I hope they made it to civilization.

The rest of my very long story is here.


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