Many otherwise inappropriate things seem appealing on leaving the pub. Kebabs, an impromptu singalong, putting Nutella under the door handles of that Cayenne always parked on the pavement, and buying a Citroen.  This SM, though, was spotted on our way in to the boozer and was just as appealing then.

We’re sober enough to know that these fabulous old machines need TLC. The 2.7 litre triple carb’d engine, vintage French electrics and hydro-witchcraft suspension means they need love to keep them alive. A poke about on the MOT history website shows that this car does about 5000 miles a year and has only needed ordinary bits and bobs to keep it alive. No issues with the innovative ‘Diravi’ steering, swivelling headlamps or other Gallic inventions, although that rusty bonnet scoop might point to further ferrous-oxide unpleasantness elsewhere.

On leaving the pub I was determined to hang around for the owner and demand he sell it to me. The spec, manual gearbox and brilliant green colour being most appealing. Sadly, it had already sailed off. I went back in for a nightcap and although he had no Nutella the pub chef gladly gave me a pot of chocolate sauce for the selfish Porker.

photo 2 (2)

There’s further Citroen enthusing by moi just here.

Pics; Duisberg, R.

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