Welcome to Spotlight Motors Ltd, we source and supply only the finest modern classic cars. Here is a stunning selection of our latest stock.

Ford Escort XR3i

Finished in snowblind white, this high performance classic car sports an original patina, benefiting even from a fag burn on the drivers seat. A credit to the former owner. Cherished. It is warm in here, isn’t it? This XR3i offers the new owner the chance to own a stunning piece of unrestored Ford history for just £9999.

Audi TT

This stunning modern classic is available in a stunning shade of Anaemic Glaswegian. Has anyone seen my shades? Benefiting from the stunning 1.8 turbo engine. A credit to the former owner. Effortlessly stylish. Designed by [cut and paste from Wikipedia here when back from teabreak] it has been cherished. This unrestored TT represents a sure-fire investment for just £99999

BMW E30 M3

This unrestored BMW E30 M3 is finished in a stunning shade of Tipex and represents a solid investment for the lucky new owner. This car won some races or something, is benefiting from things and is very collectable. A credit to the former owner. Cherished. I’m sweating like a shoplifter here, can’t you turn it down, Dave? Stunning. Hand picked by our trained used car salesman. Yours for a effortlessly stylish £999999

Porsche 911, I think

This is a stunning Porsche 911, I think, finished in stunning Aryan overlord white. A credit to the former owner. Stunning. It might be a Jag, the spotlights have burned my retinas beyond repair. A solid investment, stunning, motorsport something, unrestored, blah blah, cherished, effortlessly stylish and stunning. These moles weren’t here this morning, is that normal? Yours for £99999999. Stunning.

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