It doesn’t matter what’s on the back, these transporters are cooler than the cars they carry.

£1.8 million quid for a 54 year old truck with a two cylinder diesel engine? Those words look tough to mentally digest, don’t they? But that’s what the 1960 Commer TS fetched at Bonhams recently, and when you look at the history and heritage those numbers start to look a little more palatable. There’s a wood panelled crew cab and two levels for your Jags (or Cobras) but anything would look good on the back of this. And then there’s the styling, those little fins, so of it’s time. We want one, even though it costs more than every car we’ve ever owned, added up, and multiplied by ten.

What? You want more?! Here are others classic car transporters we love; A factory built Merc transporter that we’ve seen in all the classic mags before but never get tired of admiring, Dean Moon’s famous custom built pickup (look at the front overhang!) and BMC’s competition department truck, nicely sign written, dwarfing a Mini pickup giving a piggyback to what looks like a bare Mini Midas chassis.

When the paddock looks this good, who cares what’s on track?

Rich Duisberg

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  1. Boo

    The Commer TS was a 3 cylinder (and 6 piston!) oposed-piston supercharged two stroke diesel.


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