You may have noticed there has not been a lot of new content here on the MotorPunk website lately. This is partially due to Dr O making documentaries about PE for Welsh telly and Rich getting alcohol poisoning in Finland. The main reason is that we are working hard on taking MotorPunk to print as a quarterly, 100 page, perfect bound magazine. Something where we can create bigger, better features, albeit with the same taste of cheese and onion you’ve come to expect of MotorPunk. We’ve struck a deal with a respected publisher who will handle the sales and distribution side of things, leaving us ‘punks to do what we enjoy best – creating interesting, unusual and entertaining stories, here and abroad. This website will be trimmed down a bit, but still act as shop window for our modest talents. The good news is that you will be able to read a bigger, better MotorPunk in print, instead of on your phone, and you will no longer worry about dropping it down the bog.

I know I’m rambling, bear with me… There has been a resurgence in the sales of magazines, and we’re reluctant to try and monetise this website by smothering it in crappy adverts, or selling it to someone else. We just want to create great stories in a unique magazine that you might want to spend a few quid on, now and then. You can be part of this, and help make it happen. We have launched a KickStarter campaign where, in return for your backing, you can get your words into print with us, have a t-shirt, or (best of all) join us at a behind-closed-doors event at the Morgan Motor Company where we shall enjoy a launch event with a uniquely MotorPunk vibe. Afterwards, inevitably, there will be beer. We hope you will join us.

For more info on how you may join the fun, please click here.


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