New content has been a bit sparse of late. It’s not that we’re short of content – we have lots on the go, soon to be uploaded onto this ‘ere website. The reason is that we’re putting together a book of the best of our automotive adventures. Called “Nothing handles like a rental car (confessions of an automotive adventurer)”, it shares the best of our roadtrips, barnstorming, blags, scrapes and foreign jollies in a fat little paperback complete with maps and pictures. Those who enjoyed Rich’s last book “Confessions from quality control” (available on Amazon, here), will love this one.

It has 63000 words, 320 pages and one use of the word ‘frenulum’. The cover looks something like this;

You can buy it on Amazon, here; Nothing handles like a rental car: (confessions of an automotive adventurer)


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  1. Stephen Hill

    Hi Rich, book sounds cool, if you wanted a cool cover illustration get in touch…
    check out to see my stuff. Confirmed petrol head with a history of dodgy motors and better bikes… Cheers, Hilly


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